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Sync Menu from source#

Setting Sync Menu from source to Business enables store menu to stay in sync with Business Menu. This is the recommended way, as it removes the inconsistency caused by manually managing the menu of each store.

It is also possible to skip syncing few of the attributes of menu, in case some information may vary from store to store. For example: Item price, status, etc.

Following can be unchecked to skip syncing certain information from Business Menu.

  • Items
    • ☑️ Sorting
    • ☑️ Service Modes
    • ☑️ Packaging Charge
    • ☑️ Price
    • ☑️ Taxes
    • ☑️ Timings
    • ☑️ Status
    • ☑️ Tags
  • Categories
    • ☑️ Sorting
    • ☑️ Status

Unchecked attributes will be available for editing in Store Menu.

Example -
Let say you want to have same menu in all outlets but only item price in each outlet to be different. To acheive this, follow the steps below -

  1. Create menu at Business level
  2. Set Sync Menu from source in Store -> Settings -> Automation to Business
  3. Uncheck Price under Items to skip syncing price from Business Menu
  4. Now go to each store menu and set the price of each items applicable on every store

This keeps all information of Store menu in sync with Business menu except price.

Menu sync status#

You can enable or disable menu sync using this toggle.

Sync Frequency#

How frequently to check changes in menu at Petpooja. Current default is 60 seconds . You can set any value greater than 60 here. If any changes is received, menu will be updated in connected store.

Sync Status#

You can check sync status of menu. Any issue with sync will be reported here.