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Coupon overview

Discounting via coupon code is an effective marketing tool.
There are many options through which coupon use can be restricted.

CodeCoupon code. For example: NEWUSER
TitleTitle of coupon code displayed in app.
Example: 10% off for new users upto Rs.50
DesriptionDescription of coupon code displayed in app.
Example: Use code NEWUSER and get 10% off upto Rs.50
Discount typePercent on subtotal
Fixed on subtotal
Free delivery
Discount valueIf Discount type is Percent on subtotal then value is percentage.
If Discount type is Fixed on subtotal then value is discount amount in INR.
If Discount type is Free delivery then value is not required and delivery charge will be 0.
Maximum discount allowed100Discount is capped to this value if calculated discount exceeds Maximum discount allowed value.
For example: 50% off on subtotal of Rs.400 will be Rs.200 but if Maximum discount allowed is Rs.100, then total discount will be adjusted to Rs.100 and not Rs.200.
Applicable on service modesallRestrict coupon to Delivery, Takeaway, Dine-in orders
Applicable on payment modesallRestrict coupon to Online, Cash orders
Minimum purchase amount0Subtotal should be more than Minimum purchase amount to qualify for discount
Maximum purchase amount2000Subtotal should be less than Maximum purchase amount to qualify for discount.
For no limit, set this to 0.
Max uses per customer1Limit number of times coupon can be used by same user.
For no limit, set this to 0.
Max total uses5000Limit number of times coupon can be used.
For no limit, set this to 0.
Applicable on item with tagsallCoupon applies to item with selected tags.
Leave blank for all items.
Applies toallall - Applies to all items.
items - Applies to selected items.
categories - Applies to items in selected sub categories
Valid fromDatetime from when this coupon activates.
Expires atDatetime after which coupon expires.
Valid on daysmon tue wed thu fri sat sunDays of the week in which coupon can be applied.
Applicable on storesallRestrict coupon to selected stores.
Leave blank for all stores.
Applicable only on first orderfalseWhether coupon applicable only on very first order of user.
Promote coupon in apptrueShow coupon code in app in Apply Promo Code page.
Terms and ConditionsAutogenerated statementsSome of the terms and conditions are autogenerated based on other options selected.
More terms and conditions statement can be added manually.
ActivetrueIf active, then only coupon can be applied.
Custom Terms and Conditions

Additional terms and conditions can be added beside automatically generated ones.


Applies to option works only for businesses where stores are in sync with Bussiness Menu. Stores managing their own separate menu cannot use this feature.