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Basic Details

Business Info#

Business name#

Name of your business. This will be used in several section of and other places where business name is required. If your business name is XYZ private limited, then enter XYZ


Customize theme and add logo of your brand.

Business emails#

This should be public email ids of your business such as,, etc where anyone can reach out for any sort of queries.

Business phone numbers#

This should be public contact numbers of your business where anyone can reach out for any sort of queries.


This should be registered address of business. This will be displayed in Help and Support section of app.


Search for business entity name on Google maps and select business to get geo coordinates of business address.


Floor number, Building name, locality of business


6 digit pincode of business address


City name of business address


State name of business address


Country name of business address. Autiller is currently available in India only.