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Google Maps

Google Maps API is required to enable below features in brand ordering app/website-

  1. Autosuggest Location based on search input.
  2. Get Distance between store and customer's address. Required for delivery charge calculation based on distance.
  3. Use Current Location option to auto detect customer's current location.

You can link your own Google Maps account, that gives free $200 credit every month. This is sufficient for any small to medium scale businesses.


If you do not link your Google Maps account, then charges as per Google Maps Pricing will be debited from your account balance on usage.

Follow steps below to link your own Google Maps account-

Create Google Maps Account#

Log in to google cloud console at and follow the steps below to get API key.

1. Enable Billing#

Goto Billing by clicking on menu icon on top left and add a payment method to enable google cloud account.

Autiller Google Maps Billing

2. Enable required Google APIs#

  1. Goto Google Maps Platform -> APIs to open Google Maps API settings.

    Autiller Google Maps API

  1. Select following four APIs individually and click on Enable button to enable these APIs.
    Directions APIGeocoding APIMaps JavaScript APIPlaces API
    Autiller Google Maps Enabled API
    This is how Enabled APIs section should look like

    Autiller Google Maps Enable API
    Click on Enable button for each of the four APIs.

3. Create API Key#

Goto Credentials and click on +CREATE CREDENTIALS and select "API Key" option to create an API Key

{" "}

Autiller Google Maps Create API

Copy API Key to use it in Autiller Business App to integrate Google Maps.

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Autiller Google Maps Copy API

Add API key in Autiller Account#

  1. Open Autiller Business and go to View Business -> Business Settings

  2. Now go to Integrations -> Google Maps

  3. Paste the API Key in Google Maps API Key field and save.