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Delivery App Guide

Delivery agent must install Autiller Delivery App from Google Play store.

If Delivery agent does not have access, please follow steps in Add Delivery Agents to assign delivery agent role.

Update Agent Details#

  1. Open Autiller Delivery App and login using your Google account.

  2. Click on Edit icon on top right in Settings tab.

  3. Update your First name, Last name, Mobile number and save the changes.


Pickup & Drop Orders#

  1. Open delivery agent app and wait until green bar shows up to confirm location is being tracked.

    Location Accuracy
  2. To pickup order, goto Orders tab and click on + button in bottom right.

    Add to pickup order
  3. Enter order number and click on PICK UP bar to pickup order. Order status will be automatically updated to dispatched.

    Add to pickup order
  4. After order is delivered, open the order card and click on DELIVERED bar to update status to delivered.

    Order delivered